The Quartet


As the lead in the quartet Dorothy usually sings the tune. Sometimes she swaps parts with Gwen. Then she sings the baritone part. Sometimes she wishes she could sing both parts at once.


Gwen directed the Aberdeen Chorus for over twenty years and she brings all that experience to the quartet, singing the baritone part. Because no one can ever hear the baritone part, sometimes she makes Dorothy let her sing the tune.


For a small person, Anne has a surprisingly big voice, and therefore sings bass in the quartet. Her ability to sing those low notes has been developed to almost as high a level as her ability to lose things. She is still trying to decide what to make of the comment made by an adjudicator at the Aberdeen Music Festival who said she provided a very good “resonant bottom”!


As the highest of the 4 parts, the tenor part is often described as “the icing on the cake”. Don’t let Val hear you say this, however – she considers herself to be part of “the cake”! You can have a cake without icing but you can’t have 4-part harmony without 4 parts!


Vocal Zone performs in a wide variety of venues both in and around Aberdeen and further afield.

To date they have performed in an array of venues across the country including small venues like Tornaveen Hall, Aberdeenshire and Cowdray Hall, Aberdeen to larger ones like the Music Hall, Aberdeen, the Caird Hall, Dundee, the Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow and Birmingham Symphony Hall – no venue is too small or too large!

Each year they take part in the Aberdeen Music Festival and have achieved many “Outstanding” certificates from the adjudicators.

They have also twice taken their shows, “Bags of Harmony”, and “Bags More Harmony”,   to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and sing regularly around their home area in churches and community halls.

With no need for musical accompaniment of any kind, the quartet can travel light and sing anywhere!

They can be booked for concerts, shows, weddings, corporate events, pre-dinner entertainment, functions or Burns Suppers.

Contact Val for details of how to book the quartet.